Toilet Call - Prank Sounds 1.4.5 APK

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Apr 09 2024

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version 1.4.5
Size 122.4 MB
File name com.prank.sounds.fake.videocall-1.4.5.apk
OS Require 6.0 or higher
Category Entertainment


Are you ready to take your prank game to the next level? Introducing prank sound fake call, the ultimate app for endless laughter and mischief! With a wide range of lifelike sound effects, from hilarious to spine-chilling, this app lets you immerse yourself in a world of playful pranks and hilarious moments.

Ever wanted to play a master pranker that will leave your friends rolling on the floor laughing? Troll sound fake call has got you covered! With a variety of funny meme sounds that mimic everyday objects, such as the buzzing of a hair clipper, the comical sound effect of fart, air horn, bomb, razor, gun sounds, cartoon, you can create moments of sheer amusement and hilarity. Troll and watch as your friends\' faces contort in a mix of confusion, surprise, scare and uncontrollable laughter when they\'re caught off guard by these realistic and unexpected scare sounds like gun sound simulators and bomb simulators.

But that\'s not all—this funny prank soundboard takes your pranking adventures to a whole new level with its remarkable fake call chat messenger or audio call feature. Imagine being able to call your friends and have them believe they\'re receiving a chat messenger call from world-renowned celebrities or a prominent figure. The app allows you to customise the caller ID, avatar and even the voice on the other end of the line, creating an authentic and unforgettable experience. Witness the sheer astonishment and delight on your friends\' faces as they find themselves engaged in an audio call conversation with their favourite celebrities. It\'s the prank of a lifetime that will leave them talking about it for years to come!

But wait, there\'s more! Sleep sound hair clipper also caters to your relaxation needs with its unique sleep sound feature. If you struggle with falling asleep or finding a peaceful night\'s rest, this app has the perfect solution. Choose from a selection of soothing melodies and tranquil sounds that are specifically designed to help you unwind and drift off into a blissful slumber.

Prank air horn meme soundboard also offers an incredible voice changer functionality that transforms your own voice into the voice of someone else, from cute to creepy voice or even mimic the sounds of various animals.

Imagine having a conversation in the voice of your favourite celebrity, cartoon character, or creepy guy. With the voice changer feature, you can effortlessly modify your voice to sound like them, leaving your friends amazed and wondering how you managed to pull off such a convincing impression.

With Razor sound fart airhorn, the possibilities for pranks, laughter, and relaxation are endless. Let\'s become a master pranker and unlock a world of amusement, surprises, and unforgettable moments. Embrace your inner prankster, share the joy with your friends, and make every day a memorable adventure. Get ready to elevate your pranking game to new heights and add an extra dose of excitement to your life with this ultimate companion for mischief-makers!

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